Substance Abuse Treatment

For over 30 years, Powell Recovery has provided the men and women of Baltimore comprehensive and compassionate substance abuse treatment. In most instances, clients can be engaged in treatment within 24 hours of their first contact with Powell Recovery. Every client seeking recovery from substance abuse is assessed by medical and clinical professional and admitted to the appropriate level of care .

Substance Abuse Treatment

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal hurts and is unpleasant. The fear of withdrawal often is the reason many delay or refuse to seek treatment. Powell Recovery has a professional medical team who understand substance abuse disorders and are ready to support clients through this difficult point in their recovery.

Each client sees a physician or nurse practitioner upon intake for a full health assessment and evaluation of the right withdrawal management approach.

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Powell Recovery’s Withdrawal Management Includes:

Medical, emotional, and therapeutic support to mediate the most severe symptoms of early withdrawal

  • Medication assisted alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal management.
  • Suboxone Maintenance for Opioid Dependence.
  • Group therapy with art and holistic interventions to ensure clients can engage in an appropriate pace during medical stabilization.
  • Case management, and peer support provides rapid problem solving to address external factors which may defocus participants from recovery goals during early treatment.
A young girl with sickness

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Recovery is hard work and building a solid foundation is critical. However, many of our clients come to Powell with no or sub-standard lodging, with little or no access to nutritional food, and no treatment of chronic or serious health issues.

Our Residential Treatment Program is designed to address these issues through the provision of safe, supervised housing including 3 meals daily, and rapid engagement in case management services to ensure clients have access to community resources so they can begin addressing other critical issues.

Our residential programs provide clients with treatment, housing, and support for 6-9 months:

  • Safe, supervised housing with scheduled house activities and tasks

  • Access to food and kitchen 3 nutritious meals daily and snacks

  • Transportation available for medical or other urgent off-site appointments

  • Regular attendance at PRC’s treatment groups

  • Regularly scheduled therapeutic sessions with counselors and peers to support on-going recovery

  • Individual case management sessions

  • Rapid availability of Peer Recovery Specialist to help problem solve your issues and support your recovery

  • Focus on developing interpersonal and self-management skills to prepare clients to transition back to their community

  • Suboxone Medication Management

  • Access to PRC Mental Health Services

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

Some clients may come to treatment with stable housing and family support. These clients may not need the additional support and structure provided by a residential program.

Other clients successfully complete a more intensive treatment at Powell and are ready to step into a less structured setting.

For these clients, Powell Recovery offers our Outpatient Services. These services can be combined with PRC’s supportive housing, or clients may live at home with family or friends while in treatment. For those who qualify, this program also provides an option for evening treatment hours. This option may better accommodate your work or school schedule.

High Intensity Outpatient Program

Our High Intensity Outpatient Programs are available to clients who require more intensive treatment and medical interventions immediately following admission or after a serious relapse. Services through our High Intensity Outpatient Program include:

  • Medically monitored withdrawal management services

  • Intensive case management to assist with transition and daily living requirements
  • Daily individual and group treatment sessions including art and holistic interventions to provide clients multiple approaches to communicate during this early phase of treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

PRC’s Intensive Outpatient Program provides clients the time and focus to explore underlying reasons and situations that trigger their drug or alcohol use.. This program provides:

  • Group sessions 5 times weekly
  • Individual sessions with counselors

  • Individual case management sessions upon request
  • Access to Suboxone Medication Management
  • Access to PRC Mental Health Services

Outpatient Program

For clients who have completed intensive treatment but still desire some structured program as they transition back to their homes and families, PRC’s Outpatient Program is a flexible program offering clients evening and weekend treatment options. This program provides:

  • 3-5 group sessions each week (typical, but may vary)
  • Individual sessions with counselors
  • Case management services available upon request
  • Access to Suboxone Medication Management
  • Access to PRC Mental Health Services


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